Hi, I'm Bryan.

Originally born in Alberta, but have lived in Peterborough, Ontario most of my life.  I'm a pretty relaxed and happy go-lucky person, and love making people laugh. I love word play, Dad jokes, being ridiculous and general absurdism. I love dressing up in costumes...because why not? Life is too short to take yourself so seriously. Track pants rule, but I also love to wear a suit. I have two awesome parents, 3 amazing siblings, but would also credit The Simpsons for helping raise me. (Specifically seasons 4 – 10 give or take)

I shoot primary weddings & creative portraits. I would say my style is generally documentary with a 'blend-in' approach when it comes to weddings & events. Everyone loves a real candid moment! I also love being in the action, and best believe I will be on the dance floor cutting a rug. I also love to shoot creative portraits, and love to explore different ways to capture moments in a creative and real way.

Finally, I love Doritos.  They don't pay me to say that...but maybe they should?